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For a number of years I have been maintaining and working my way through certain lists of movies. For instance I have a Best Picture list, an Audrey Hepburn catalog and others specific to actors or directors. I’ve listed them below to electronically keep track of my progress and to shed some light on what sort of films I have seen. Enjoy.

By the way, means I’ve seen it, Δ means I’ve not. Also no television appearances or uncredited/unconfirmed roles are included in the lists. That would just add to the impossibility of completing these checklists.

Academy Awards Best Picture Winners: Some of these I have not seen will surprise you

Alfred Hitchcock Movies: prepare to be impressed

Audrey Hepburn Movies  

Frank Sinatra Movies

Robert Montgomery Movies: failing miserably

Carole Lombard Movies: I can’t get enough, but it’s slow going.

Myrna Loy: This is one hell of a list!

Grace Kelly Movies: and we’re done!

Judy Garland Movies

Joan Crawford Movies

Bette Davis Movies

Marx Brothers Movies


One Response

  1. Someday I see you sitting in a seat on TV such as Siskel (sp) and Ebert have occupied! You will be great and you will be able to reference so many older flicks as you analyze the new ones that your critiques will be a marvel to all who take them in!! Can’t wait! Get ready….they’re calling you for make-up just now!! 🙂

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