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Joan Crawford Movies

 There is much work to be done.

Joan Crawford in Sadie McKee wearing her favorite designer: Adrian

1970 Trog as Dr. Brockton
1967 Berserk as Monica Rivers
1965 I Saw What You Did as Amy Nelson
1964 Strait-Jacket as Lucy Harbin
Δ 1964 Della as Della Chappell
1963 The Caretakers as Lucretia Terry
1962 What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? as Blanche Hudson*
Δ 1959 The Best of Everything as Amanda
1957 Story of Esther Costello as Margaret
Δ 1956 Autumn Leaves as Millicent
 1955 Queen Bee as Eva Phillips
Δ 1955 Female on the Beach as Lynn
1954 Johnny Guitar as Vienna
1953 Torch Song as Jenny Stewart
 1952 Sudden Fear as Myra Hudson
Δ 1952 This Woman Is Dangerous as Beth
 1951 Goodbye, My Fancy as Agatha
Δ 1950 Harriet Craig as Harriet Craig
1950 The Damned Don’t Cry as Ethel
1949 Flamingo Road as Lane Bellamy
1947 Daisy Kenyon as Daisy Kenyon
 1947 Possessed as Louise Howell
1946 Humoresque as Mrs. Helen Wright
1945 Mildred Pierce as Mildred Pierce Beragon*
1943 Above Suspicion as Frances Myles
 1942 Reunion in France as Michelle ‘Mike’ de la Becque
1942 They All Kissed the Bride as Margaret J. ‘M.J.’ Drew
1941 When Ladies Meet as Mary ‘Minnie’ Howard*
1941 A Woman’s Face as Anna Holm
1940 Susan and God as Susan Trexel
1940 Strange Cargo as Julie
1939 The Women as Crystal Allen
 1939 The Ice Follies of 1939 as Mary McKay
1938 The Shining Hour as Olivia Riley
1937 Mannequin as Jessie Cassidy
1937 The Bride Wore Red as Anni Pavlovitch
1937 The Last of Mrs. Cheyney as Mrs. Fay Cheyney
1936 Love on the Run as Sally Parker
1936 The Gorgeous Hussy as Peggy Eaton
1935 I Live My Life as Kay Bentley
1935 No More Ladies as Marcia Townsend Warren
1934 Forsaking All Others as Mary Clay
Δ 1934 Chained as Diane Lovering
1934 Sadie McKee as Sadie McKee*
1933 Dancing Lady as Janie Barlow
Δ 1933 Today We Live as Diana
1932 Rain as Sadie Thompson
Δ 1932 Letty Lynton as Letty Lynton
1932 Grand Hotel as Flaemmchen – the Stenographer*
 1931 Possessed as Marian Martin
Δ 1931 This Modern Age as Valentine ‘Val’ Winters
 1931 Laughing Sinners as Ivy ‘Bunny’ Stevens
 1931 Dance, Fools, Dance as Bonnie Jordan
 1930 Paid as Mary Turner
 1930 Our Blushing Brides as Geraldine ‘Gerry’ March
Δ 1930 Montana Moon as Joan ‘Montana’ Prescott
Δ 1929 Untamed as Alice ‘Bingo’ Dowling
Δ 1929 Our Modern Maidens as Billie Brown
Δ 1929 Tide of Empire as Josephita Guerrero
Δ 1929 The Duke Steps Out as Susie
Δ 1928 Dream of Love as Adrienne Lecouvreur
Δ 1928 Our Dancing Daughters as Diana ‘Di’ Medford
Δ 1928 Four Walls as Frieda
Δ 1928 Across to Singapore as Priscilla Crowninshield
Δ 1928 Rose-Marie as Rose-Marie
Δ 1928 The Law of the Range as Betty Dallas
Δ 1927 West Point as Betty Channing
Δ 1927 Spring Fever as Allie Monte
Δ 1927 Twelve Miles Out as Jane
 1927 The Unknown as Nanon Zanzi
Δ 1927 The Understanding Heart as Monica Dale
Δ 1927 The Taxi Dancer as Joslyn Poe  
Δ 1927 Winners of the Wilderness as René Contrecoeur
Δ 1926 Paris as The Girl
Δ 1926 The Boob as Jane, a Revenue Agent
Δ 1926 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp as Betty Burton
Δ 1925 Sally, Irene and Mary as Irene
Δ 1925 Old Clothes as Mary Riley
Δ 1925 The Circle as Young Lady Catherine
Δ 1925 Pretty Ladies as Bobby – a Showgirl
* Worth seeking out

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