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Carole Lombard Movies

I cannot help but wonder how many more gems we would have if not for her premature death, but it makes those we have that much more precious.

1942 To Be or Not to Be as Maria Tura*
1941 Mr. & Mrs. Smith as Ann*
Δ 1940 They Knew What They Wanted as Amy
1940 Vigil in the Night as Anne Lee
1939 In Name Only as Julie Eden*
1939 Made for Each Other as Jane Mason
 1938 Fools for Scandal as Kay Winters
1937 True Confession as Helen Bartlett*
1937 Nothing Sacred as Hazel Flagg
 1937 Swing High, Swing Low as Marguerite
1936 My Man Godfrey as Irene Bullock*
1936 Princess Comes Across as Wanda Nash
1936 Love Before Breakfast as Kay Colby*
1935 Hands Across the Table as Regi Allen
Δ 1935 Rumba as Diana Harrison
Δ 1934 The Gay Bride as Mary Magiz
 1934 Lady by Choice as Alabam Lee
Δ 1934 Now and Forever as Toni Carstairs Day
 1934 Twentieth Century as Lily Garland aka Mildred Plotka*
1934 We’re Not Dressing as Doris Worthington
Δ 1934 Bolero as Helen Hathaway
Δ 1933 White Woman as Judith Denning
1933 Brief Moment as Abby Fane
 1933 The Eagle and the Hawk as The Beautiful Lady
Δ 1933 Supernatural as Roma Courtney
Δ 1933 From Hell to Heaven as Colly Tanner
1932 No Man of Her Own as Connie Randall
Δ 1932 No More Orchids as Annie Holt
1932 Virtue as Mae
Δ 1932 Sinners in the Sun as Doris Blake
Δ 1932 No One Man as Penelope ‘Nep’ Newbold
Δ 1931 I Take This Woman as Kay Dowling
Δ 1931 Up Pops the Devil as Anne Merrick
Δ 1931 Ladies’ Man as Rachel Fendley
1931 Man of the World as Mary Kendall
Δ 1931 It Pays to Advertise as Mary Grayson
Δ 1930 Fast and Loose as Alice O’Neil
Δ 1930 Safety in Numbers as Pauline
Δ 1930 The Arizona Kid as Virginia Hoyt
1929 The Racketeer as Rhoda Philbrooke
Δ 1929 Big News as Margaret Banks
1929 High Voltage as Billie Davis
 1929 Matchmaking Mamma (short) as Phyllis McNitt
Δ 1928 Ned McCobb’s Daughter as Jennie
Δ 1928 The Campus Vamp (short) as Carole
Δ 1928 Show Folks as Cleo
Δ 1928 Me, Gangster as Blonde Rosie
Δ 1928 Motorboat Mamas (short)
Δ 1928 Power as Another Dame
Δ 1928 The Campus Carmen (short) as Carole
Δ 1928 His Unlucky Night (short)
Δ 1928 The Girl from Nowhere (short)
Δ 1928 The Divine Sinner as Millie Claudert
Δ 1928 The Bicycle Flirt (short)
Δ 1928 The Swim Princess (short) as The Swim Star
 1928 Run, Girl, Run (short) as Norma Nurmi
Δ 1927 The Girl from Everywhere (short)
Δ 1927 Smith’s Pony (short)
Δ 1926 The Road to Glory in Bit Part
Δ 1925 Durand of the Bad Lands as Ellen Boyd
Δ 1925 Hearts and Spurs as Sybil Estabrook
Δ 1925 Gold and the Girl 
Δ 1925 Marriage in Transit as Celia Hathaway
Δ 1921 A Perfect Crime as Griggs’ sister (credited as Jane Peters)

* Worth seeking out


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