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Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

Ring a Ding Ding I made my first forray into the films of Abbott and Costello earlier this week and had the great fortune of doing so in the theater. I would not say I have avoided the comic team’s movies so much as I just have not gotten around to them, instead being focused […]

What to Watch: New Year’s Eve 2011

Turner Classic Movies has yet again arranged for one of the funniest comedy groups to take over New Year’s Eve programming. For those of you looking for something to do for the 14 hours leading up to your evening plans for the holiday, the network has arranged for me you to never leave the couch […]

Matchmaking Mama

Ring a Ding Ding Carole Lombard made probably just as many or more silent movies and shorts as she did talkies, but unfortunately, the hilarity in Matchmaking Mama has nothing to do with her role. This short subject features Lombard as a socialite with an eye for men, any men. Her mother (Daphne Pollard) has […]

Tit for Tat

Ring a Ding Ding      Poor Oliver Hardy. Just when I’ve been lulled into thinking Stan Laurel is the greatest thorn in his side, he opens up shop next to an even greater problem. In the 1935 short Tit for Tat, the men establish an electronics sales store next to a grocery. Looking to be […]

Our Relations

Gasser      With every Laurel and Hardy movie or short I watch, I warm more to their humor. Our Relations would be my favorite thus far and is just a riot of misunderstandings.      Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy open the film at the dinner table with their wives. The two are best friends and when […]

The Bohemian Girl

Gasser Bohemian Girl (1936)      I previously expressed that I was not totally impressed by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy after seeing a couple of their shorts and was assured that I should persevere and check out their feature-length films. I’m glad I did because I found The Bohemian Girl quite entertaining. The flick is based on […]

Hill-Tillies & No. 5 Checked Out

Gasser      With TCM committing a good portion of each week during January to Hal Roach Studios, I’ve managed to catch a couple of short subjects from the production company, all of which are new to me. Hal Roach, in fact, I had never heard of before this month.      I mentioned catching a couple […]

Thicker Than Water & The Fixer Uppers

Gasser      Perhaps coming off a Marx Brothers picture had me ill prepared to enjoy my first Laurel and Hardy shorts or maybe the duo is just not my cup of tea. I caught Thicker Than Water and The Fixer Uppers among the marathon of Laurel and Hardy movies and shorts TCM aired last night […]