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Feature: Guess that Poster 2013

It’s that time of year again: time for a new banner for the website. Can you figure out from which 1932 movie the poster cross section in the header is derived? This is again not an easy one and is cut from a horizontal poster or perhaps lobby card for the flick. As for hints, it features my favorite actor and an actress who was quite famous on the stage as well as screen. Although I found this movie to be a bit strange in its story of love and prostitution to keep one’s husband alive, the poster is quite captivating.

If you have a guess, click “comments” below or fill in the box. I’ll reveal the answer in a week or two and share the full poster for comparison.

For a reminder of past banner challenges, see the 2012 and 2011 versions. For more movie poster-centric posts and quizzes go HERE.


Faithless (1932)

Faithless (1932)

Faithless starring (and depicting) Robert Montgomery and Tallulah Bankhead. Despite what the poster may suggest, I would refrain from calling this a superbly romantic movie. It was a strange sort of story about a couple as the stock market crash comes about and their wealth disappears. When Montgomery’s Bill falls ill, Bankhead’s Carol finds she must prostitute herself to afford to keep him alive. It’s a story that sort of leaves one with mixed feelings.

We had one successful guesser of the movie poster, Mr. Chandler Swain. I agree with one other guesser who mistook Tallulah for Joan Crawford. I don’t think the poster looks much like that unique-faced star of stage and screen, and it would be easy to assume it was Crawford given the handful of flicks she did with Montgomery.


3 Responses

  1. “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman?”

  2. I want to say the woman is Joan Crawford and — just a wild guess 🙂 — the man must be Robert Montgomery… But what is the movie? It’s driving me crazy!

  3. That has to be Miss Tallulah Bankhead and Robert Montgomery in “Faithless”, if I’m not mistaken.

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