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Feature: Name that Movie Poster

Everyone likes to be quizzed on their movie expertise and I think that is especially true for we classic movie buffs. To that end, I am creating a new recurring game: Name that Movie Poster. I will provide for you an edited movie poster that has both the title and the credits removed from it. Quiz yourself and see if you can determine the movie based on the remaining image.

We will start with what I think is an easy one to guess. To see if your skills of deduction are correct, submit your answer via the box below.

One Response

  1. Rachel,
    So glad you started out with an easy one for us! Uhmmm Marnie? Oh, those are scary birds so I’m guessing XXXX! Ha Ha
    I hope you’ll join us for the Six Degrees of Separation game as well.
    A.fun idea you have here.
    *This comment has been edited to not give away the answer for other players.*

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