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Feature: Stop the Presses — Police reopen Natalie Wood drowning case

The Associated Press reported this morning that the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will reconsider the death of Natalie Wood whose drowning in 1981 that was originally ruled accidental.

The star’s death off the coast of southern California while yachting at night with husband Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken has incited much speculation over the years about what happened. Allegedly no one on board saw Wood go overboard and some sight excessive drinking as a possible cause. Authorities presumed she either slipped and went overboard or was leaning over to tie a dinghy. Those who knew her said she was afraid of the water, however, and doubted she would have been so near to it.

A sheriff’s spokesman said Thursday the renewed inquiry was prompted by unspecified new information about Woods’ case, the AP reported.

See the AP article here.

UPDATE: The Montreal Gazette is reporting an interview with the yacht captain who says he thinks Wagoner was to blame in her death but will not specify how. He said information he has is why the investigation has been resumed. Read it here.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting news, which I missed. Ultimately, I hope this case isn’t something that winds in a gossipy book like HOLLYWOOD BABYLON.

  2. Natalie Wood… what a stunning woman!

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