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An Open Letter to Netflix (via The Hollywood Revue)

Angela at The Hollywood Revue wrote a very compelling summary of what probably every Neflix user felt this week upon learning the company would be increasing the price for subscribers who want to get physical discs in addition to web streaming. I find myself facing the same dilemma many others do in how to go about changing my Neflix subscription and am outraged by the service’s nerve in taking advantage of its popularity.
I have been sharing her post around the web in the hopes that it might actually get back to those big wigs at Netflix and the public outrage will grow enough to compel them to change their stance. Here’s hoping.


Dear Netflix, Did you hear something?  If you think you heard some cheering off in the distance, that was the sound of Blockbuster employees and independent video store owners everywhere cheering with delight when you announced your outright stupid new pricing plans today. But those are probably the only people rejoicing at this news.  By far, the overwhelming consensus I’ve seen from customers has been, “What the *#@! do you think you’re doing?” … Read More

via The Hollywood Revue

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