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Preparing for the Hitchcock Blogathon

As you know, tomorrow marks the big day when I intend to post what now is a total of 13 reviews on Hitchcock movies between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. I received some great input by readers for which movies to consider and plan to incorporate them all. Although I have yet to establish a time schedule or determine which movies I will be watching in full Monday, I can at least give you a preview of what I know so far.

I plan to have a widget at the top of the left column on the blog that features the latest comments to my posts. I figure this would be a good way to kind of show whatever ongoing conversation you might contribute, so keep an eye out for that, and to add to it just click the comments link at the bottom of the posts. Also, follow me on Twitter if you want to be notified as soon as the posts are published.

The first post at 8 a.m. will be on The Lady Vanishes, which is my contribution to the Classic Movie Blog Association Hitchcock Blogathon taking place that day with participation from at least 20 other blogs. You can check out all the other posts Monday at the CMBA homesite. After that, I know I plan to watch Rope, Marnie and Foreign Correspondent during the day, with three others I have yet to fully decide. I also scored a VHS (what?!) copy of Juno and the Paycock from the library, which will be the only movie new to me that will be reviewed, provided my VCR still works. Otherwise, the following movies are on the docket for posting every hour on the hour sometime Monday:

  1. The Lady Vanishes
  2. Rebecca
  3. Psycho
  4. Under Capricorn
  5. Notorious
  6. Rear Window
  7. North By Northwest
  8. Lifeboat
  9. The Lodger
  10. Juno and the Paycock
  11. Rope
  12. Marnie
  13. Foreign Correspondent

Thank you to everyone who provided input and encouragement. I am a bit stressed at present about getting it all done Monday, but  I have faith.


4 Responses

  1. Pass the popcorn please! You could/should publish a booklet of your Hitchcock reviews!

  2. You can do it! We all believe in you. (And if you can’t do it, it’s not like anyone has any right to complain.) I’m especially excited to hear your thoughts on The Lodger, which is one I’ve read about but haven’t gotten a chance to see yet. Good luck!!!

  3. Hat’s off to you young lady. I shall try and check in as often as I can tomorrow.

  4. Looks like I’m going to have lots of good reading material when I get home from work tomorrow! This is one pretty darn ambitious effort! Best of luck to you!

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