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Cinematic Shorts: See No Evil


See No Evil (1971)

     The 70’s murder thriller See No Evil is a bit out of character for my “Cinematic Shorts” because I have only seen it once. Despite that, it is a movie that pops into my mind somewhat regularly because it was just that fantastic. It is a story of a young blind woman, played by the lovely Mia Farrow, who returns home from a date and spends the night in her home not realizing her entire family has been bloodily murdered in various rooms in the house. She spends the night in a bed beside her semi-nude sister or cousin or something and almost takes a bath in the tub where someone else is lying dead.

     I watched this movie alone and in broad daylight and was creeped to the bone. It is utterly nerve-racking to watch this woman wander among all these bodies not realizing anything is wrong until she finally bumps into one. What is even worse is when the murderer returns to the home because he dropped his ID bracelet, which Farrow happens to find. So this young lady is attempting to hide herself in the house as the man tramps about and eventually chases her across the countryside surrounding the rather isolated home. The frustrating events only compound themselves as the story goes along, and the horrible twist of who the murderer is will send shivers down your spine.

     This is not currently scheduled on TCM so I’ll give you the Netflix link because you have to see this.

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  1. Whets my appetite.

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