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What to Watch: TCM Moguls and Movie Stars

I am pretty excited about a documentary series Turner Classic Movies is doing starting Nov. 1. “A History of Hollywood: Moguls and Movie Stars” is a seven-part series of one-hour shows airing at 8 p.m. Monday and Wednesday (repeat) that chronicles aspects of film from the very beginning up to the 1960s. First up is “Peepshow Pioneers” and will cover Edison the Lumiere Brothers and everything you learn about in Intro to Film. Haven’t taken that course? You better check this out.

TCM is also airing related movies on these same days, I believe, so check their schedule for some rare airings.

Moguls and Movie Stars


2 Responses

  1. I just discovered that you know you have seen too many movies when TCM plays 2 hours of pre-1915 Edison shorts and you already saw them all years ago.

    Maybe I will have better luck with the Melies and Griffith shorts.

  2. Beautifully restored material. Very watchable and interesting.

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