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Feature: My Favorite Monster

With my favorite holiday just a day away, I think now would be the pertinent time to reveal my nomination for the best movie monster. 1988’s Pumpkinhead was not a good movie, but the monster created for the film makes the whole 80s clichéd plot worthwhile.

Isn't he cute!

The story is something about a kid who is picked on by his peers and falls to his death in a mine shaft or something. The vengeful demon Pumpkinhead comes back to teach those punks a lesson by decapitating them, etc. Perhaps consumers of the film back when it came out saw the same redeeming quality in the monster himself giving credence to multiple sequels.

What I like best about the monster is that not only is he creepy and other-worldly but he subtly evolves throughout the picture. He gets larger and more detailed as the film goes along, which is pretty sweet. I am not one to be easily frightened by horror films (although I dislike gore), so I can appreciate good craftsmanship when I see it. The practical effects of days past — see John Carpenter’s movies — impress me on a far greater scale than the computer-generated stuff seen today.

As far as the movie’s title goes: I have no idea. I am not sure a pumpkin even makes an appearance in the films. I must be right about the awesomeness of the monster, though. He inspired an action figure:

Better hope this isn’t a Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode. That doll will KILL you!

Tell me about your favorite monster. Click “comment” below.


2 Responses

  1. I will put this on my list. I never bothered to see it because of the title. Pumpkinhead? Seriously?

    That is a great creature and an inspired effect to have it become more hideous as the movie progresses.

    No “Baby Jane” for me tonight!

  2. James Arness in the original “The Thing from Outer Space.”

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